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Appointments are made by email only. Please read the additional information below so your initial email enquiry is clear and concise. After you have sent your appointment enquiry, I will get back to you to book you in for a tattoo consultation.

Little Tokyo Temple of Art - (02) 9211 4023

I take the liberty to decline an appointment if the design is not suited to my tattooing style.
If I believe another artist is more suited to a certain style, I will then recommend you to
another Sydney Tattoo Studio.

After your consultation, I book appointments 3 to 4 months in advance. I run off a waiting list and at the end of each booking cycle, I will email the people on the list letting them know of an availability. If you want to be added to this list, this is what is needed: 

  • Please email clearly your intended tattoo ideas for a design, size & placement. Familiarise yourself with my site & style of work. I don't do replications of tattoos from magazines or the internet. I can use an idea as a basic platform to develop from. Inspiration can be from a photo, painting, song and so on.
  • I set aside one hour for consultations. This consists of going through potential ideas. I spend the time to sketch out rough designs, working out the best combinations. I then do some more refined sketching, this gives you a firm idea of what you will be getting tattooed on you.
  • To proceed, a deposit of $200 - $300 is required. If the design is a one-off sitting a
    set price is given, otherwise an hourly rate applies to multiple sessions. I require
    this deposit before any finalised drawing process begins, and appointments made. 
    Also, this deposit carries over until your final session, securing all of your appointments.

Failure to turn up or give 72 hours notice from the time of tattoo appointment will mean
loss of funds. A new deposit is required to re-book. This is due to the fact I do mainly larger
work and hard to find a replacement at short notice. Of course, special consideration is given
to personal matters that do not allow an appointment to be kept. At the time of the booking
in appointments, I try to work the best I can with your needs as I understand the financial
commitment of a tattoo and the time needed to be taken off work.

I will give you a close time estimation as to how long your tattoo will take, generally
within 1-3 hours of the time stated to complete the tattoo, depending on its size.
There are factors including skin type, how well you look after it during the healing process
and how well you sit during the tattoo, and so on. This can all effect the time frame
for completion. After over 20 years of tattooing, I work very productively and efficiently.
I may charge a little more than some, but you get what you pay for.