I have returned and will be spending the week ahead catching up on all correspondence while away. After nearing 2 years in my studio, I will be doing some renovations on my little Art Temple. I am excited at the year ahead and wish you all a prosperous 2013, the year of the Snake. I will post some updates of studio and some points of interest as they eventuate, Regards Rhys.


I am currently in the USA , on a Motorcycle and Tattoo tour . I will be back working early Feb 2013 . Please excuse any delays in email replies . Regards Rhys

Rhys Gordon Tattoo Sydney.JPG


Here is a piece from a few years ago . I am interested in doing some more of this stylized Tribal work and exploring some dot pattern work aswell . Good well planned out Tribal can have the power of Japanese work when done right .


While on a recent trip to America , I had the good fortune of getting Tattooed by Horitomo of State of Grace Tattoo in San Jose . Horitomo is one of the leading Japanese Traditional Tattooers of today . I recieved a Bonji symbol of Fudo Myoo in the centre of my rib panels . A great yet painful experience performed the Tebori way by hand , I hope you enjoy the pictures taken by Nicole Reed from .